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Night Renewer

night renewing gel – 55 ml e 1,85 fl. oz.
Rinse-off intensive peeling gel-mask with functional anti-aging purifying ingredients. Stimulates oxygenation in cells, revitalising their activity.


Gluconolactone 10%, lactic acid 3%, glycolic acid 3%, tropaeolum extract.


Its formula is designed for mature skin with wrinkles, uneven skin tone, opacity and surface thickening. Also recommended for younger skin when wrinkled or stressed.


MAXIMIZES absorption and the corrective power of the skin regimen system.
REOXYGENATES tissues to protect cell viability.

how it works

GLUCONOLACTONE, LACTIC ACID and GLYCOLIC ACID favour the activation of cell turnover for a brighter, fresher and smoother face skin.
TROPAEOLUM EXTRACT stimulates the delivery of oxygen between cells improving tissue oxygenation, which results in a more even and brighter skin tone.


Mature skin with wrinkles and uneven tone. Young skin with first signs of aging. All types of climate.

how to use

Apply an even layer of gel to dry face. Leave on for 10 minutes. Rinse off with water. It is recommended to use this mask 2 times a week. Warning: it is recommended to apply a product with a uv filter and limit sun exposure when using this product.

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